thimble eye bolt oval

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thimble eye bolt oval

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Qingdao Gold Power Machinery Co.Ltd is a professional factory to make rigging hardware, electric power fittings, concrete forming hardware and other OEM etc, the factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters and its architectural area is 5,000 square meters, it has over 150 staff, including 5 engineers, 15 specialized Technician, two forging workshops, one mold workshop, main equipment is /630T/400T/300T/160T forging machine, air hammer, heating furnace, rolling machine, tapping machine, blasting machine and also we have welding machine and CNC machining workshop to do more process Main products comprise Building Concrete Products(coil rod ,coil insert ,coil tie ,coil cone ,jack ,nut ,plate,scaffolding accessory,foot anchor ,lifting anchor ) Poleline accessories, Powerline fittings( like anchor rod,ground screw anchor ,no wrench anchor rod,screw anchor ,helix anchor rod ,helix pile ), anti hail accessory (wire tensioner,anchoring clamp,wire tender,wire collar wire rope ,wire strand , anti hail net,wire anchor clamp ,wire stretcher),Rigging hardware(shackle, turnbuckle ,and wire rope clip) other OEM items.
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