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COB LED factory

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120W LED COB street Light Philip Chip silver anodising high-class quality
Brief Introduction:
LED Street light 120W Silver anodising with new heat superconducting vacuum phase transfer technology
This LED COB Street light widely used in highway Urban streets,Bridges and sidewalks road lighting as well as square, schools, residential and industrial area and other needs of outdoor lighting places.
Product features:
1. adopt heat superconducting vacuum phase transfer technology,heat conduction performance reached 30 times better than pure copper, 80 times better than pure aluminum.
2. super cooling capacity.
3. a variety of light source matching, meet different demand,cost-effective.
4. lens+seal technology of waterproof, prevent dust and rain infiltration,meet the environmental requirements.
5. protection grade IP66, use the normal temperature for -40℃ to 50℃
6. the product with temperature: with 3 hours work, can keep at 20℃ to 30℃ range.
Quick details:
Model NO.: KX-016
Origin: Foshan China
Heat sink Material: Aluminum AA6063/AA6060
Application: Widely used in highway streets, outdoor lighting
Power: 120W
LED type: COB130W
LED bulbs: 130
Serial Parallel Mode: 10 in parallel and 8 in series
Product Size: 465X240X120
Weight: 3.5kgs
Delivery time: Within 10 working days.
Model No.PowerLamp Beads TypeNumber of Lamp BeadsspecificationweightIP.
Why Choose US:
1. Passed CE ,quality guarantee.
2. Factory direct sale, competitive prices and prompt delivery.
3. Over 15 years experience in aluminium heat sink manufacturing
4. OEM and customer label are available.
5. Customer Service available 24/7. Great pre-sale and after-sale customer service.
6. Professional suggestions and technical support service, help you realise your goals and boost your sustainable development.
7. Intergrity and honesty are our company policy. What ever we promise we keep it.
8. Payment Options : Western Union,TT, L/C are available.
Our outstanding point:
1. Over 15 years experiences on the aluminium manufacturing, one of the excellent factories providing high quality Metro profile for the largest rolling stock manufacturer in
the world—-CRRC.
2. Professional and experienced R&D team: Helping customers finalise the design, strong tool design ability,excellent pressing parts manufacturing ability and surface treatment technology.
3. Strict Quality Control management, pass CE, SGS.
4. Prompt reply: We are here for your inquiries in 7/24.
5. Quality Product: We are a professional aluminium manufacture company, 100% QC before delivery.
6. With over 8 sets CNC machines and one of the best equipment auto-anodising production line in China—-providing you the better and more stable quality products.
7. Be able to provide one-stop supply solution from extrusion, precision machining till different surface treatment.
8. Hospitality: Offer best service with professional solution consultant and your visiting is warmly welcomed
9. Fast delivery: delivery time is within 10 days usually. COB LED factory
website: ... eet-light/

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