Colorful Flower Pot price

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Colorful Flower Pot price

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WuYang xinli plastic packaging co., Ltd is specializing in the development and manufacture of high quality plastic flowerpots. Our company was founded in February 2012.
Bearing environmental and social responsibility in mind, we produce a high quality green environment-friendly flowerpots, our planters are made from a special recycled materials, they have different kinds of shapes, styles and sizes, with the virtues of lightweight, sturdy, weather&UV-resistant, they are sutiable to grow a variety of plants or flowers, they can be used in terrace, hotels, living rooms or outdoor gardens.
Our planters are welcomed both in home and aboard. With the win-win philosophy, we mainly export products to many countries such as European countries, America, Southern American and Japan. We'd like to cooperate with new and old friends from all over the world and develop with you together.
Believes us we can offer you a green ECO-friendly life.Colorful Flower Pot price

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