Knitted Yarn factory

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Knitted Yarn factory

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Our History
Wen zhou Huanyu Textile Co.,Ltd have two factory,Cangnan Hengxiang textile Co.,Ltd was established in 2002,Jiangxi Xiongda Textile Co.,Ltd was established in 2016.Our production are various colors,2-34count open-end yarn,that is for glove,sock,towel,mop,carpet,textile accessories and so on.We can produce 20000 Tons yarns each year.
Our Factory
Our factory have fourteen open-end yarn production line.
Our Product
Various colors 2-34S open-end yarn
Product Application
mop,sock,towel,glove,jean,carpet,textile accessories
Production Market
We can produce 20000Tons every year.Knitted Yarn factory

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