Hair Clipper

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Hair Clipper

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This is a rechargeable hair clipper,which has 5 heads can be replaced in 1 machine.
It includes full size trimmer of hair clipper.
It has a fine-tuned comb that can cut hair from 10 to 20mm in length.
What’s more,there is a precision trimmer with a adjustment comb can adjust length from 3/3.5/4/4.5/5mm and a big shaver,small shaver, nose trimmer
It requires eight hours of recharge and 40 minutes of work
The machine comes with a high-quality stainless steel blade that helps users cut out the hair they want, and is very convenient
The voltage of the adaptor is 220-240V ,the frequency of the product is 50-60 Hz,and its power is 3W.
You will get attachments including 1 adaptor,1 oil bottle, 1 cleaning brush,1 comb,1 storage stand if buy this hair clipper.
It is operated by 2*AAA batteries,which is 600mAH 2.4V.Hair Clipper

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